Earn Your Salesforce Certification From Scratch — Your Top 5 Questions Answered


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If you’re new to Salesforce and exploring careers in the ecosystem for the first time, you may be wondering how to get “Salesforce certified.” Here are answers to the top 5 questions we hear from beginners on their journey to becoming #SalesforceCertified. As a bonus, we are currently offering the opportunity to earn certification exam *vouchers through the Level Up Challenge. Read on to learn more! 


1. Where do I start?

Where else but Trailhead?! Salesforce’s virtual learning platform, Trailhead, empowers you to learn in-demand skills, earn resume-worthy credentials, and connect to mentorship and employment opportunities in the Trailblazer Community.

With Trailhead, you can:

  • Access free learning at your own pace: You decide how and when learning fits into your life by completing modules when it’s most convenient for you. You’ll always be able to pick up right where you left off, so you’ll never miss a beat on your learning journey.
  • Learn on-the-go: Install the Trailhead GO mobile app for free on your iOS device and earn badges anytime, anywhere. 
  • Discover guided, role-specific learning paths: With trails and trailmixes designed specifically for each career path, you’ll have plenty of relevant resources to help you get exam ready. 

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2. What resources are available to help me prepare?

From trailmixes to exam guides to videos, and more, Trailhead has everything you need to get ready including Superbadge Super Sets (Super Sets).

A Super Set is a series of superbadges for a specific role that prove your expertise in a given domain. Superbadges allow you to take the skills you’ve learned and apply them to complex, real-world business problems through hands-on challenges. In a recent survey of Trailblazers, 95 percent reported that completing superbadges helped them prepare for a certification.

While supplies last, if you complete the Admin, App Builder or Developer Super Set, you’ll earn a free *voucher ($200 value) to sit for a certification exam through the Level Up Challenge

If you prefer live instruction, consider signing up for a certification prep course or Trailhead Academy bootcamp


3. How long will it take?

Ah, the million-dollar question! The answer is…it depends. Everyone’s journey to certification is different — it depends how much time you can dedicate to studying and what your daily life and other commitments look like.

The great thing about Trailhead is that learning is entirely self-paced. You can decide when and how to fit learning into your schedule, whether you’re completing modules in between meetings or in your free time.

Remember, there’s no rush to get certified. It’s important to take your time and make sure you really grasp key concepts that will inevitably build on each other.

Whether you’re nervous about the time commitment or have put off taking your exam because you’re afraid of failure, don’t let fear hold you back! You got this.


4. Any tips for acing the exam?

For many, it’s not studying for a Salesforce certification that’s scary — it’s the stress that comes with the unknowns of exam day. From managing your mindset to setting a strategy, it’s important to stay stress-free on exam day.

  • Stay zen and manage expectations: For many, passing the exam on the first try is an unrealistic expectation that causes undue stress. Hear us loud and clear: If you don’t pass, it’s okay. There’s no such thing as failing — only learning. After each exam, you’ll receive feedback on each section so you’ll know what to focus on and come out stronger, smarter, and ready for your certification retake, if needed.
  • Manage your time appropriately: The exam lasts anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes depending on the topic. Above each question, you’ll see the total amount of time you have remaining. All questions are multiple-choice, and you’ll be able to mark each one if you need to come back and review later.
  • Use your resources: If you’re taking the exam at a testing center, the proctor will provide three sheets of paper you can use to write down everything you can remember once you get to your station, including key acronyms or other information you don’t want to forget. Remember, the test doesn’t begin until you select the Start button. If you’re taking an exam online, check out these online proctoring requirements


5. I’m #SalesforceCertified, now what? 

  • Celebrate! Getting certified will allow you to highlight your hard work and skills while proving your knowledge to yourself and employers. Don’t forget to shout out your #SalesforceCertified success on social media so we can celebrate with you.
  • Learn more about Trailhead for Partners. Take advantage of additional programs and resources that help Trailblazers like you learn more about opportunities in the partner ecosystem. 
  • Access Trailblazer Connect. Whether you’re looking for a career in the Salesforce ecosystem or ways to polish up your resume with your new skills, use Trailblazer Connect to find opportunities through events, mentorship, and career resources. 

*The Level Up Challenge is open to individuals who do not have an existing Salesforce credential.  Eligible participants who complete the Admin Super Set, App Builder Super Set or Developer Super Set to receive one (1) $200 USD certification voucher to take either the Salesforce Administrator, Platform Developer I, or Platform App Builder certification exam. Offer only valid while supplies last. Limit one (1) voucher per person. Participants must register for and take their selected certification exam by or before January 31, 2021. Vouchers are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and eligible for use by the recipient only. No refunds will be provided for exam fees paid prior to effective date, on exam fees paid when there was a redeemable voucher, or for unused vouchers. Offer subject to change and additional restrictions may apply.


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