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Join the Salesforce Talent Alliance and get connected to resources and candidates to grow your practice with new talent.
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Develop your talent pipeline

Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Reskill Toolkit

Empower your organization to skill up new Salesforce talent and build on existing skills.

Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Bring Salesforce curriculum to higher education

Learn how to support Educators in bringing Salesforce to the classroom.

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Attract Early Talent

Learn how to land top talent with recruiting best practices and diversity hiring strategies.

Scott Valenzo from Accenture
“I highly recommend connecting with as many people as you possibly can - regardless of skill set or level. Even if they don’t fit a current requirement you have now, they will gain additional experience with Trailhead - and the needs of your organization will change as well.”
Scott Valenzo, Recruiting Specialist, Accenture
Connect with candidates
Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Meet Workforce Development Organizations

Engage with programs across the globe committed to training Salesforce talent.

Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Source New Talent

Join the Talent Alliance LinkedIn group to connect with candidates who have one certification or a Trailhead Rank of Adventurer (9,000 points and 10 Badges) or above.

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Post Mid-Senior Level Roles

For roles that require experienced candidates, post your openings on the Trailblazer Community.


Explore Salesforce Fellowships

Build your talent pipeline by hosting a fellow! Salesforce Fellowships provide 12 weeks of paid hands-on experience to certified job seekers from underrepresented and military communities.


Ecosystem Opportunities

Employers can pre-screen resumes, host initial interviews, and generate awareness about their open roles at Salesforce-hosted career fair events.


Interview Guide

Make interviewing candidates a breeze with these projects, questions, and assessments.

Bree Maddox from Redpath
“Some individuals don’t necessarily have the technical skills, but we still interview them and employ them because they have relatable experience.”
Bree Maddox, Redpath, on interviewing candidates through the Talent Alliance.
Evaluate applicants

Partner Learning Camp

Make interviewing candidates a breeze with these projects, questions, and assessments.

Screenshot of a profile page profile explained

Learn about the different qualifications captured on the Profile.

Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Skills Assessment Guide

Unpack candidate credentials and hands-on Salesforce experience earned on Trailhead.

Stephanie Herrera from Computer Futures
“Too much emphasis is placed on technical experience - we really need to be looking for those that bring valuable soft skills and business acumen. I can teach the technical, but I can’t teach someone to be a hard working, proactive resourceful inquisitive problem solving team player.”
Stephanie Herrera, Global VP Salesforce Practice, Computer Futures
Employ best practices
Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Hiring Manager Course Curriculum

Discover how to inspire employee development and long-term business value.

Reskill Toolkit on tablet computer

Employee Engagement

Keep your employees happy, and your organization productive


Lead Inclusively

Use the five principles of inclusive leadership to create a culture of Equality at work.

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