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Update as of 08/21/2023

This landing page is designed to help Salesforce partners understand the changes coming to our partner programs, and how we can serve our customers, together, across the Customer 360. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.


We are on a journey to bring all of our partner programs together — delivering even greater value for you, our trusted partners, and our customers.

On February 1, 2023 our journey to a single Salesforce program kicked off. As of this update, many Tableau and MuleSoft partners have successfully transitioned to the Salesforce Partner Program.

    With one partner program, we simplify how we collaborate together. We streamline processes and improve your experience to better position us to serve our customers, together. You’ll be able to:

    • Be eligible to access1 all Salesforce products in the Customer 360, helping you grow and scale your business.
    • Experience a centralized partner enablement process, helping your teams gain expertise quickly. Choose to specialize in one area or unlock enablement resources across the Customer 360, to drive client engagement and delivery success.
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    What you can expect:

    Trust is our #1 value - we will be transparent about upcoming changes that impact you while minimizing interruption to your business. The integration journey will happen in a phased approach and we’ll update this page with new information as it’s available. Connect with your partner account manager or email us at with questions.

    For Consulting Partners,

    • The Salesforce Consulting Partner Program Policies are updated for the FY24 to account for both Tableau and MuleSoft.

    • Congratulations to the many partners who completed the transition to the Salesforce Partner Program! We appreciate the time and effort that you took to further your partnership with us.

      • You received a notice of termination for relevant portions of your MuleSoft and/or Tableau partner agreement. Shortly, we will sunset the Tableau Services and MuleSoft System Integrator programs

    • Any partner wishing to join the Salesforce Partner Program in the future, check out this application.

    For Resellers

    • The Salesforce Cloud Reseller Program Policies will be updated in September to detail Tableau reseller benefits and requirements.
    • MuleSoft-only Value-Added Reseller (VARs) are in the process of completing their transition to the Salesforce Reseller Program. See section below for details.
    • Tableau-only Resellers kicked off their transition in July. Partners must execute the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement by September 15 before being asked to execute the Salesforce Reseller Agreement (SRA) to fully transition. See section below for details.


    For MuleSoft and Tableau technology, ISV Technology, and other partners:

    • Plans are in motion to bring all partners into one partner program. More will be shared in the coming months.

    1Access to Salesforce products is at the discretion of Salesforce per the applicable Salesforce Partner Program Policies and may require credential pre-requisites or other requirements per the partner program agreements and policies.

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    Opt-in to Salesforce partner communications to get personalized news and resources to help serve your customers. You can choose the updates you want to receive and you can change your preferences at any time.