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Brought to you by the Architect Success and Trailhead Teams, we’re proud to introduce the newest architect certification: Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect.

 Salesforce Solution Architects lead digital transformation by aligning business and technology, defining the “why” and “how” that drives customer  success, selecting the right product features that maximize business value, and advocating for multi-cloud implementation best practices that result in personalized, frictionless customer experiences.

This long-awaited opportunity for partners to discover this B2B career path is among the highest Salesforce achievements to date and will count in the Expert Level (+10 points), which counts towards a consulting partner’s Trailblazer Score!

In this blog post, we cover the basics of what the certification offers, share how you can take your certification exam for FREE, and hear from two executives, Tyler Prince and Heather Conklin, about this achievement. Read on…

What’s a Salesforce B2B Solution Architect, anyway?

Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architects act as liaisons between business and technology, designing end-state B2B-centric experiences that span multiple products on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

Their roles serve three core functions:

Business: Demonstrate business leadership by guiding companies on a multi-cloud solution journey emphasizing differentiating customer experiences.

Delivery: Drive successful outcomes by advocating for multi-cloud implementation considerations and best practices based on use-case delivery knowledge, which spans the Salesforce Customer 360 Vision and Platform.

Technical: Provide technical leadership by selecting the proper multi-cloud product features that best align with a company’s vision and business value goals.

Why should I pursue earning  the B2B Solution Architect Certification?

On top of securing an in-demand career in the ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem, the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect certification helps partners design and deliver multi-cloud B2B solutions on the Salesforce Platform that deliver business value for the customer. They work across select products, including but not limited to B2B Commerce, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Field Service, Einstein Automate, Experience Cloud, Tableau CRM, and MuleSoft.

And the numbers don’t lie: The need for architects is up 41 percent since 2019. Are you ready to deliver?

What are Salesforce execs saying about the B2B Solution Architect Certification?

"We’re seeing increased demand from our customers for Solution Architects. They are critical to connecting the dots between business and technology - especially as companies prioritize and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”—Tyler Prince, EVP Alliances & Channels at Salesforce

“We’re thrilled to grow the Salesforce Architect community with the new B2B Solution Architect certification. Just as we saw a massive shift in B2C companies going digital over the last 18 months, B2B companies face similar challenges in rethinking how they reach the businesses they serve.  

This is a unique opportunity for Solution Architects to build expertise in designing multi-cloud solutions for the future of B2B and add value to companies globally." — Heather Conklin, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Trailhead at Salesforce

How can I take my B2B Solution Architect Certification exam for free?

Choose from two different options for your chance to earn a free cert voucher:*

  • Partner Learning Camp: The B2B Solution Architect curriculum is found exclusively in Partner Learning Camp (PLC). In a recent report from the analyst firm Valoir, PLC learners prepare for certification in half the time, compared to other training methods. PLC features 30 courses, also known as T-Ruth Mountain, to help Partner Trailblazers build multi-cloud capabilities. Each eligible participant who completes the B2B Solution Architect curriculum in PLC before December 31, 2021 may receive a $400 USD certification voucher for the B2B Solution Architect Certification. To be eligible, you must hold the Application Architect certification, which consists of the following 4 prerequisites: (1)Data Architecture and Management Designer, (2) Sharing and Visibility Designer, (3) Platform Developer I, (4) Platform App Builder. Restrictions apply. See here for details.

*Individuals may choose between earning their free cert voucher on Partner Learning Camp OR by completing a Trailhead Quest for a chance to win, but not both.

What resources are available to me on Trailhead to prepare for my certification?

  • Review the B2B Solution Architect Exam Guide: The Exam Guide contains all the information you’ll need prior to your exam, including recommended training, resources, and Trailhead modules.
  • Complete the official B2B Solution Architect cert prep trailmix and Study For trail: These step-by-step learning paths will help you understand and apply the key concepts you’ll need to prove your skills and become a #CertifiedPro

Ready to Dive In? Take your B2B Solution Architect Certification today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to flip the switch on your career. Take the next step by logging into PLC or Trailhead and earning your FREE voucher.  



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