Driving Customer and Partner Success with the New Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification


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Introducing the newest architect certification from Architect Success and Trailhead teams: Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect!

This new architect certification expands the Salesforce architect community and allows customers and partners to design domain-specific, multi-cloud solutions on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform to create frictionless customer experiences that maximize business value. 

For Salesforce Partners, this new credential is among the highest Salesforce achievements to date and will count in the Expert Level (+10 points) towards a consulting partner’s Trailblazer Score!


What is a B2C Solution Architect?

Glad you asked! The Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect guides digital transformation by aligning business and technology, defines the 'why and how' that drive solution success, selects the right product features that create customer value, and advocates for multi-cloud implementation best practices that result in differentiated customer experiences.


Why should I earn my B2C Solution Architect Certification? 

Simple: a promising, in-demand career in the ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem. The increasing need for architects in the Salesforce ecosystem is no small matter. In fact, need is up 41% since last year. Plus, for a limited time, there’s an opportunity to take your exam for FREE!


How can I take my B2C Solution Architect Certification exam for free?

Choose from two different options for your chance to earn a free cert voucher:

  • Partner Learning Camp: The premier learning destination for Salesforce partners features 26 courses, also known as T-Ruth Mountain, to help Partner Trailblazers build multi-cloud capabilities. Be one of the first 200 to complete all 26 courses in Partner Learning Camp and receive a free certification voucher.**
  • Trailhead Quest: Complete the B2C Solution Architect Quest for your chance to win a free certification voucher. Learn more here.**

*Individuals must hold these 3 pre-requisites to participate:

**Individuals may choose between earning their free cert voucher on Partner Learning Camp OR by completing a Trailhead Quest, but not both


But wait! There’s more…

By taking the exam, you’ll have a chance* to earn Salesforce swag as a mark of what an impressive achievement you’ve just accomplished. Who doesn’t love that?

*While supplies last. Government employees not eligible.


Check out the Salesforce Newsroom article and Trailhead blog to learn about the Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect Certification and more!



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