Pledge to build a diverse workforce with Salesforce Talent Alliance

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As we build the economy of the future, we must bring along the workforce of today. Salesforce is committed to empowering people from every background with the skills they need to build careers and thrive in the digital economy.”
Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Talent Alliance?

Salesforce Talent Alliance connects employers to Salesforce candidates and brings new talent into the ecosystem, emphasizing building a diverse workforce that reflects society around the globe. Here’s how:

Commit: Employers commit to hire net new Salesforce professionals and incorporate inclusive hiring practices.

Connect: Employers are connected to certified candidates across workforce development groups, educational institutions, and career changers through LinkedIn and career fairs.

Certify: Job seekers are trained to become Salesforce certified professionals, with an emphasis on underrepresented groups in tech (ex. Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, veterans, and military spouses).

Commit to the Alliance

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A Culture of Equality

Pledge to create a culture of equality at your company through inclusive hiring practices

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Net New Salesforce Professionals

Devote 20% of annual hiring to net new Salesforce professionals (6 months or less of Salesforce experience)

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Automatic Interviews

Automatic interviews for certified individuals from Salesforce training programs (ie: Pathfinder, Salesforce Military)

Membership Benefits:

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Diverse Talent Pipeline

Access a diverse talent pool from workforce development organizations training on Salesforce
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Priority Access

Priority registration for career fairs and events
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Free Vouchers

Up to 20 certification vouchers
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Trailblazer Scorecard

Qualify for 25 Trailblazer Scorecard points (available for Salesforce partners only)
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Amplify Your Voice

Co-brand with us to increase awareness and position your company as an employer of choice

How it works:

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Access Pipeline

Partner with Talent Alliance to access a diverse talent pool, increase brand awareness and position your company as an employer of choice

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Improve your interview process with inclusive hiring resources

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Hire & Retain

Commit to inclusive hiring practices. Create a company culture that supports diversity

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Let us know

Let us know about the new Trailblazers you hire, and receive vouchers and resources

Size of the impact:

Salesforce is training the next generation of Trailblazers, and there’s a sizable opportunity to grow your Salesforce practice and capacity with new talent.

2M Trailblazers learning on Trailhead
1300+ Community groups across the globe
20K Salesforce Military Trailblazing Members
550+ Pathfinder graduates

Salesforce training programs

Salesforce Talent Alliance works with a variety of workforce development programs across the globe that are committed to training Salesforce talent from communities that are underrepresented in tech. This is just a sample of organizations training Salesforce talent. For a more complete list, click here. If you’d like to work with us please contact
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Founding Salesforce Talent Alliance Members

For a more complete list of Salesforce Talent Alliance members, click here.


I’m a job seeker. How can I engage with the Alliance?

Hello, Trailblazer! If you are looking for your first role in the ecosystem and have: (a) at least one Salesforce certification and (b) no more than 6 months of professional Salesforce experience, request to join the Talent Alliance LinkedIn group to connect with employers committed to hiring new talent. All job seekers can also check out and for information and resources to grow your career.

What is the customer/partner commitment?

Alliance members commit to inclusive hiring practices, pledge to hire 20% new Salesforce talent in their Salesforce practice, and grant automatic interviews for certified graduates of Salesforce training programs (Salesforce Military and Pathfinder).

What are the inclusive hiring practices to which members commit?

Review the pledge here.

What do customers/partners get if they join?

Alliance employers receive certification vouchers for each new hire (up to 10), priority registration for Salesforce career events, an opportunity to co-market with Salesforce. Additionally, partners may receive up to 25 scorecard bonus points.

Is the Talent Alliance Global?

Yes. All global partners and customers are welcome to join, with the exception of government and government owned organizations.

Where do Alliance employers find talent?

Anyone with less than 6 months of professional Salesforce experience qualifies for the Talent Alliance new hiring goal. One way we help connect employers with new talent is through the Salesforce Talent Alliance LinkedIn group, but employers can continue to connect with, interview, and hire candidates from outside of that group. So long as hires have 6 months of experience or less, they will count towards employers’ net-new talent goal.

Many individuals in the LinkedIn group come from Salesforce training programs, that place an emphasis on recruiting and training a diverse candidate pool. While candidates coming through these training programs are generally new to Salesforce, many have deep prior professional expertise in careers ranging from corporate to military to nonprofit and may be a fit for mid-level roles and above.

What kind of candidates can we expect from the automatic interviews for Salesforce Military and Pathfinder candidates?

As a part of the commitment, Talent Alliance employers commit to automatic interviews for certified individuals from Salesforce Military (US, UK, AUS, and CAN) and Pathfinder (US and UK). Employers who do not hire from these locations are exempt from automatic interviews.

Please note that part of the commitment includes considering certified Salesforce Military and Pathfinder candidates who may or may not have college degrees, but do all have at least one Salesforce certification.

Pathfinder trains individuals with the technical and business skills necessary to pursue a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Participants complete 150+ hours of training on either a Salesforce Developer or Salesforce Administrator track, and participate in business skill training focused in problem-solving, Business Chemistry, and career preparation. Pathfinders graduates come from all demographics and backgrounds - nontraditional students and college graduates, career changers and veterans, and many more. Pathfinders bring professional, educational, and life experiences to their employers and teams.

Salesforce Military offers free, self-paced, virtual Salesforce training classes and certification exams for active-duty service members, veterans, and military spouses. We connect our military community job-seekers with Salesforce partners and customers to help grow, strengthen, and diversify their workforces. This community of 30,000+ Salesforce Military Trailblazers is a growing talent pipeline for your Salesforce needs. Working with Salesforce Military can increase your competitive advantage by adding military values and discipline to your team.

How many automatic interviews should I expect?

The number of automatic interviews will vary by the location of openings, but we ask that employers commit to up to 15 interviews per month per location (pending demand). The actual number of interviews may be significantly lower. Employers who do not have openings in locations where these programs operate are exempt from automatic interviews.

What if a customer or partner reskills someone within their organization? Does that count for new Salesforce talent for the Alliance?

Yes! Anyone with less than 6 months of Salesforce experience qualifies as new Salesforce talent, regardless of other professional experience.

Is the hiring commitment tracked?

Yes. Employers share hiring plans, including percentage of hires that will be new talent, and then report new hires on a monthly basis via a shared tracker. We audit at the time of sign up to ensure the projection is at least 20%, and again at the end of each fiscal year, to allow for partners that have surges of new hires during particular times (ie: bootcamps).

How do vouchers work?

Organizations get one voucher for each net new person they hire, up to 10 per year. These vouchers do _not_ need to be used for the specific new hire, and can be used on any $200 exam. Vouchers will be allocated directly in the shared tracker as new hires are added.

How is the year measured?

We measure based on Salesforce’s fiscal year, ending February 1.

What does diverse mean?

Salesforce Talent Alliance focuses on training Salesforce certified professionals, including people from communities that are underrepresented in tech including women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and veterans.

Why is Salesforce doing this?

We need to work together with our partners and customers to bring new talent into the ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on building a diverse workforce that reflects society around the globe. The demand for Salesforce talent outpaces the supply of that talent, and according to IDC, the Salesforce Economy will add 4.2M new jobs by 2024.

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