Why Salesforce Partners Are Raving About Partner Learning Camp

June 3, 2021 BY Emely Ledezma

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 For decades, the Salesforce Partner Ecosystem has been how Salesforce delivers technology, drives innovation, and leads digital transformation across the world. It’s powerful, expansive, and a growth driver. 

Partner Learning Camp celebrates its one-year anniversary almost to the date that Covid-19 was officially recognized as a global pandemic. It includes over 600 courses, made just for Salesforce partners, along with Accredited Professional credentials that can be earned towards Navigator distinctions, the primary way partners differentiate expertise to customers. 

When the pandemic changed the world, Salesforce partners helped customers build resiliency, adapt to change, and overcome challenges. A recent study from Valoir, a research firm that focuses on the relationship between people and technology, found that Partner Learning Camp empowered Salesforce partners to skill up, earn credentials that prove expertise and drive customer success. 


A faster path certification is in the numbers.

Valoir found that PLC helps learners prepare for certification in half the time, compared to other training methods. This means partners can get all the skills they need to excel and meet customer needs at a rapid pace and by a simpler process. Partners also reported PLC saved them tons of time navigating the abundance of content.

“Ninety to 95 percent of my learning comes from PLC… PLC has collected it from all relevant sources and put it in one place.”

Learning from home on PLC makes for fewer disruptions and more productivity.

With PLC, partners are able to gain the same skills and certification prep as in-person class instruction, without the cost or disruption. Partners can take online courses on-demand, and in a work-from-anywhere world, this new norm helps learners build expertise any time, any place. Amidst the pandemic, PLC’s online format was especially helpful for parents looking to grow their skills. 

“Online self-learning at your own pace is ideal for me, especially working at home with my child studying next to me.”

PLC fosters abilities to offer new and improved services.

Early adopters of PLC cited professional advancement and the ability to take on more product responsibility as a key benefit. With skills gained through PLC, partners are able to provide a more complete and competitive offering to Salesforce customers and drive customer success.

“The more certifications I get... I have a wider horizon to get involved in customer projects where more specific knowledge is needed.”

Read the report and experience Partner Learning Camp for yourself!

Partners are raving, and you will, too. Read the full report and then log in to PLC to start charting your course or curricula, so you’ll #AlwaysBeLearning! 



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