Lead the Energy Transformation with the New Energy & Utilities Cloud AP Credential

march 31, 2023 BY Jola Marvel

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More and more energy companies are becoming customer companies as they embrace the energy transition. You can get ahead of the trend, or even drive it with an industry-recognizable credential. The Accredited Professional (AP) credential for Energy and Utilities Cloud is now available in Partner Learning Camp (PLC)!

The energy transition starts with customer-centricity. Keeping the customer at the core of the business can position a utility to go beyond the basics of paying bills and starting or stopping service, to being more connected with customers in ways that add to lifetime customer value. And now, with the new AP credential, you can help energy companies build a 360-view of their customers, driving loyalty and value.

Energy and Utilities Cloud offers industry-specific capabilities to utility companies and energy retailers, so they can deliver new, best-of-breed customer experiences while increasing operational efficiencies. Customers need partners who are knowledgeable about their industry and can build a solution to fit their needs.

Let’s take a look at the credential requirements and exam.

Who's it for?

This credential is for Salesforce consultants who have industry experience and are able to bridge business needs and technical implementations to realize business value for the customer. 

Experienced consultants who can guide discovery, implement a customer vision, communicate effectively, and integrate Energy and Utilities Cloud with back-office systems are awesome candidates. It’s important candidates can apply the Energy and Utilities Cloud data model and can speak customers' unique industry language. Recommended Salesforce product and knowledge of: 

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • OmniStudio
  • Industries CPQ
  • Industries EPC (Enterprise Product Catalog)
  • CLM (Contact Lifecycle Management and Document Generation)
  • Energy and Utilities Cloud applications

Strong knowledge in these product areas ensures that you have the expertise needed to layer appropriate technology over the designed Energy and Utilities Cloud product architecture. While these Salesforce certifications are recommended, they aren’t required to take the new AP exam. There are no prerequisites for the exam, but it’s strongly recommended you have earned the following credentials: Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce OmniStudio Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant, and Field Service Consultant.

Now let’s take a look at the exam format.

What's it like?

The Energy and Utilities Cloud Accredited Professional exam is a multiple choice exam split in four sections that test your knowledge of Energy and Utilities Cloud:

  1. Discovery: First, the exam ensures that you can outline the technical scope for statements of work (SOWs), map use cases, document process flows, and identify key customer stakeholders.
  2. Solution Design: Next, the exam validates that you can design the future state business process and validate the data model, given the customer requirements. This tests that you understand all available deployment tools and shared practices to prepare for implementation.
  3. Implementation: This section validates that you can perform the required steps for initial product setup and access to product functionality. You will be tested on setting up pricing and quantity, alongside enabling relevant cloud components. You’ll need to show that you can perform the necessary steps through your customers’ post-sales processes.
  4. Test and Deploy Energy and Utilities Cloud Applications and Solution: Lastly, the exam covers your ability to configure applications and solutions, manage customer success outcomes, and help customers update their existing instance to Energy and Utilities Cloud.

Prepare for the credential in PLC

To get ready for the Energy and Utilities Cloud AP credential, first review the technical learning journey. Then, plan which course or credentials you should take. Enroll in the Energy and Utilities Cloud Implementation Readiness curriculum and review the exam guide to understand what you’ll be tested on. Once you’re prepared, schedule your exam!

If you complete the curriculum in PLC by Friday, May 26, you’ll receive a free exam voucher. Your free voucher will be issued by June 2 and sent to the email associated with your PLC account.

Energy and Utilities Cloud Resources
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