5 Things You Need to Know About Salesforce Go To Market Champions

May 18, 2023 BY Sheth Sanket

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 In its third year, Salesforce has helped its elite group of Salesforce Go To Market Champions source millions of dollars of pipeline, guide customers on the right technology choices to achieve success and help them overcome current business and market challenges.

#1 What is a Salesforce Go To Market Champion?

 Sales Champions are individuals who demonstrate sales leadership in the Salesforce partner ecosystem. Champions get unparalleled access to internal knowledge, experience, and IP from across Salesforce’s cross-functional teams to drive digital transformations across industry and horizontal challenges.

 A Salesforce Sales Champion is:

  • A sales professional who carries a sales quota for their partner organization
  • A thought leader who challenge the status quo in their industry or solution space
  • A mobilizer in top customer accounts and within their partner organization

 Champion candidates receive one-to-one coaching to help deepen engagement with prospects and learn how technology can drive business outcomes for customers. The curriculum covers industry-specific trends, market challenges, and key use cases. Candidates must complete an assessment in the form of a recorded sales presentation that demonstrates their expertise and comprehension.


#2 What types of Champions are there?

 Each Champion curriculum is aligned to the top Salesforce buyer personas and product suites:

  • Commerce Champions focus on the Commerce buyer persona. They help customers maximize revenue at every step with AI-powered commerce experiences that exceed expectations. 
  • Customer 360 Champions focus on creating their go-to-market sales pitch around the industry trends, challenges, and use cases the market is facing. They also focus on the benefits of the Salesforce Customer 360 to unite a customer’s marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT departments with shared, easy-to-understand data on one integrated CRM platform. Customer 360 Champions truly understand how to unlock all parts of Salesforce for a specific customer outcome.
  • Data Champions focus on the Data buyer persona. They help customers bring real-time data power to unlock data and actionable insights in real time, at scale. 
  • Marketing Champions focus on the Marketing buyer persona. They help customers improve marketing effectiveness with automation and intelligence for lasting customer relationships. 
  • MuleSoft Champions focus on the IT buyer persona. They help customers integrate data from any system and automate complex tasks to deliver connected customer experiences, faster. 
  • Sales Champions focus on the Sales buyer persona. They enable customers to sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Sales Champions help their customers boost productivity and grow with built-in automation, intelligence, and real-time data.
  • Service Champions focus on the Service buyer persona. They enable customers to scale service, build loyalty, and deliver amazing customer service across every channel. 
  • Tableau Champions focus on the Data buyer persona. They help customers create actionable analytics and automated insights with secure, high-quality data available where customers need it, ensuring visibility and control.


#3 How is the Champions curriculum developed?

 Salesforce Go To Market Champions are exposed to the same training that Salesforce’s own internal Sales teams use. This is unlocked in real time, making sure Resellers and Consulting Partners are in sync with their Salesforce counterparts, and are able to advise customers on the best technology choices for the most successful outcomes.

 The curriculum leverages decades of industry expertise and insights from CIOs and business leaders, all while aligning to go-to-market buyer personas and sales plays. Candidates gain access to a blueprint for the most efficient path to generating pipeline and closed revenue for their chosen Salesforce product suite, along with individual coaching and support to create their own unique partner point of view.


#4 How do Sales Champions differ from Salesforce credentials?

 The success of a Champion is measured by the impact they have on their customers and by the adoption and growth of Salesforce products, such as closed revenue and other sales metrics.

 This is not a Salesforce credential, nor is it a requirement in Navigator, which differentiates your firm based on customer-validated industry expertise and product knowledge.


#5 How do you apply to become a Sales Champion?

 Applications are by invitation only for experienced sales professionals within Salesforce partner organizations. Contact your Salesforce channel manager, partner account manager, or partner practice lead to see if you are eligible to apply or learn the steps you need to take to become eligible.

 We look for individuals who invest in building their sales capabilities and demonstrate sales success and thought leadership. We recommend that partners attend Sales Messaging 101 or Salesforce Kickstart before applying.

 Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. You will be notified of your application status within 3-5 business days.  




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