Develop Full Stack Commerce Capabilities for Your Salesforce Practice

June 1, 2023 BY Lena conforti

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Customers’ digital expectations have never been higher and 81% of leaders are expanding to new channels. This is why it’s critical that partners have the skills to deliver customer success. Salesforce partners need to be full stack enabled.

What does it mean to be “full stack enabled”?

It means that your Salesforce practice is skilled to position and implement across a complete set of cloud products.

Take Commerce Cloud, for example. There are key products that complete the Commerce Cloud product portfolio: B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, and Order Management. So, there must be individuals credentialed in all of these areas. Your all-star assembled team will position, cross-sell, and implement all of Commerce Cloud for your customers.

Being full stack enabled also allows your company to align with Salesforce's go-to-market strategy. By having the complete cloud product capabilities in your practice, you are positioned to exceed customers' business needs and advise on more Salesforce solutions. The immediate benefits of becoming full stack enabled include:

  1. Access to enablement support through office hours and collaboration groups with product leaders and experts; and
  2. Internal promotion to Sales teams and product organizations because of your deep product capabilities.

We hear from customers there is a need for more full stack partners. Customers want to select or work with a partner who can solve challenges across their entire Salesforce investment— which makes it critical to make sure your practice is skilled up on the full stack.


So, how do you become full stack enabled in Commerce Cloud?

To prove these Commerce capabilities, individuals in your practice must earn Salesforce certifications and Accredited Professional (AP) credentials, including: 

By earning Salesforce credentials, you will also advance your partner organization’s standing in the Partner Program. Credentials count towards your Navigator status in the Trailblazer Score that customers and Salesforce Account Executives use to evaluate Partners. Your expertise will be reflected in the Partner Finder and your AppExchange listing, allowing you to showcase your expertise to new customers


Start your journey to be full stack enabled

Get started by reviewing the on-demand Salesforce Days session. Salesforce Days registration is required to view on-demand sessions. 

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