3 Ways to Stay Current with AI + Data + CRM

June 9, 2023 BY Cheech Moore

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1. Innovate with Salesforce to stay ahead of market trends

The world is undergoing a profound technological shift, driven by the emergence of generative AI. As customers look to adopt AI and transform their businesses, they turn to partners for strategic guidance, technical expertise, and long-term innovation. Now is the moment to partner in success to help customers in every industry and region have a more streamlined and efficient path to leveraging generative AI to enhance their CRM capabilities.

At Salesforce, we strongly believe that partner success drives customers success. That's why we are dedicated to empowering you with the tools and resources to enhance your selling capabilities, technical skills, and product knowledge to make sure you are set up for future success, in short: to be AI-ready.

2. Grow your expertise to meet growing customer demands

To prepare for the AI-driven future, it is important to know where to find the latest product innovations, which virtual enablement events to participate in, and the on-demand training opportunities available to you. Let's take a closer look at our virtual events:

  • Einstein GPT for Service
    • Learn how Einstein GPT for Service can help customers reduce service costs and increase agent productivity and learn Salesforce's four pillar approach for generative AI: trust, relevance, security, and ecosystem. You will see the key capabilities of Einstein GPT for Service that will be available in the next release.
    • Watch the recording or view the slide presentation
  • Accelerate Growth with Sales GPT
    • June 13 10:00am CST
    • Register to join and learn how you can accelerate your growth with Sales GTP. You’ll learn how you can sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently with AI + Data + CRM.
    • Watch the recording or view the slide presentation
  • How to Build Ethical GPT the Salesforce Way
  • What Service Leaders Need to Know About Next Gen Messaging and Generative AI
    • June 15 10:00am CST
    • Join us to learn some of the exciting ways you can leverage next gen messaging functionality enhanced with generative AI to meet your customers where they are, now and in the future.
    • Register now
  • Help Your Customers Scale with Service GPT
    • June 20 10:00am CST
    • Do you want to have conversations with your customers about how Service GPT will help them scale? Join to learn how to help your customers and prospects scale with Service GPT.
    • Watch the recording or view the slide presentation
  • Say Hello to AI + Data + CRM
    • June 27 8:00am PST
    • Register to join this must-attend session to learn how Salesforce helps organizations with AI+Data+CRM.
    • Register now*

*Please note: to access the events, it requires access to Partner Community. Need access? Learn how here.


3. Build your foundational CRM expertise with AI + Data

Ensure you are market-ready by acquiring new AI + Data skills that will deepen your technical and product expertise. To guide you on your learning journey, review the AI + Data technical learning journey. These journeys include learning content available on Trailhead, Partner Learning Camp, and Partner Community, providing partners with a comprehensive, guided, and self-paced experience. Remember to check back regularly as we continue to release new courses and training materials.



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